30 June, 2011

Something about a human name Men..

Men. Usually we heard that girls will say "Men are all the same"
Yes, I agreed with that all the time. You know why? Cause when he want you on the first time, his words are sweeter than
. He impress you in so many ways. He brought heaven to you. He willing to do anything to make you happy and accept him. If we had feelings for someone else, he would be nice and a friend to us and lend us his shoulder. 
when we start falling in <3 with him, he become better, sweeter, and nicer than ever.
He put you on top of everything.
When we feel so high and happy, and when you lost your senses. So hopeful to the promises he made..
 Bamm..we fall deeply in love with him...
Wanna know something..the truth is..we fall for their
Then when we trap, they torture us like hell.
Say and does everything that hurt us so much.

By the time..we girls wondering and cried for what we had fall into..
He just changed and doesn't care anymore.
All the promises turn to dust..like it never said before.
We trying so hard to keep it together..to find that love again.
But..it seems so easy for him to just be like nothing happened between us.
Is it that fun to just hurt our feelings..fool us around.
Who do you think you are??
When girls flirt around...you blame everything on us.
When you flirt..you blame us too cause couldn't be what as you wanted.
Do you ever heard about the phrases NOBODY PERFECT?
Remember..you are not GOD. 

And you...I thought faith brought us together..even you said you know its faith.
What for you gave me the letter and all those text/words??
Said you attracted to me, you love me, you need me, 
you really2 do in love with me, you want me, you miss me..?
You even said..Marry me..?
what is it for? those lies..is it make you happy? 
So many questions I want to ask you..but the only one important thing I want to ask and to be honest with me is..Do you need, want & love me? If you don't complete those three..just say it.
I'm not hesitate to walkaway..I'm not that desperate to be in a relationship.I'll be happy to leave..

Last but not least..for Men out there.
Only one thing I wanna say.
What Goes Around Comes Around...
Put yourself in someone shoes before you go hurting someone.
How do you feel when someone does it to you?
To your family and friends?
Think and decide with your brain, not your desire!

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