27 June, 2011

Some people that not satisfied..

Ray Chen criticised celebrities for being secretive about going through cosmetic surgery and then revealed a few names. Chen exposed that whenever a celebrity was asked if they had undergone plastic surgery, they were bound to say that their makeup artist did a great job.
"We're good but not that good, we are not miracle workers." Chen said. 
Yes, correct. What were you guys hiding, admit it you not that beautiful before you go under the knife.
Don't care what people say, cause nobody is perfect..
Here some of the artist exposed! I wonder how they look like before that..

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing

Malaysian singer Fish Leong 

Model-actress Angelababy
Who had constructed her face. Amazing face..damn

Cecilia Cheung - Ray alleged, "did her teeth, went for botox, and her breasts are too perfect. Usually, women with big breasts have big arms too, but her arms are too skinny
Even this guys does too..haha weird.
Huang Xiaoming

Raymond Lam

But praised to Jolin Tsai for having the best plastic surgery job..
Jolin Tsai
Rather than who failed it..
Elva Hsiao
So boys and girls. BE GRATEFUL ON HOW YOU ARE!

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