30 June, 2011

Something macam gampang..tau?

Been missing for the past 3 weeks..tenggelam timbul..
Sometimes when I called die pickup after like so many times I dial his number.
Macam2 dalam fikiran ni..pk mane la die pegi..
is it true he is that busy and having some problem to solve..

So semlm..after I post my last blog tu..
I on la my fb..pastu dh abes reply all the notifications.
I pegi usha page si Dia nie..and I sbenar ye dh view it few days before..
There is one girl nie tag die when they kt solaris dutamas..
And then one more thing she post on his wall
"Happy 1 year and 9 months"
I geram gile bile bace..so I pun try my luck to add that girl.

Tibe2 that girl approved..I pun view la page die..
I saw a photo that girl bru upload 2 days ago..
and HIM dalam pic tu..they were so close..
I pun keep on selongkar picture2 yg ade..
and there is lots more..I straight call him..

I called his friends Fendy..sbb hp die were off..and there it goes..
"Hello, Fendy..Y ade x kt sne?"
"Hello..yeah2..hye..eh hold on..can u call me back in 5 minutes"<--Y answered
"NO! I want to talk now"
"Can I see u..I just wanna pass u ur shirt and few things.Make sure you be there, i nk jumpe kejap je.."<--I was in shaking voice.
"Ok2..I'll be here"
"K bye"
"K bye"

I kluar bilik smbil mulut I mencarutttttttttt je memanjang..
gampang, pukimak..sial..babi ye jantan. penipu..jamban..haram jadah..
haa...tu smua klua..I gi bilik kawan I..nk pnjam kete..
and then they saw my eyes float with tears..dieorg teros tye knpe..
I said I nk pnjam kete..nk p Hartamas..nk jmpe Y nk pulgkn brg die..

Dieorg pn tye la ko ok x..I said ok..xkn nk risaukn dieorg plak kn.
I thought of going alone..last2..4 org housemate I ikut.
Thanks ibu,shu,ika & along..Sayang korang..
Thanks teman ak..huhu

I pon bwk la cm gile kete tu..
sampai2 kwn I gi lepak Bestari tepi KK mart tu..
I tgu la dalam kete and call Dia dtg ke kete..

When he came in..duduk sblah I..
I tunjuk brg die kt dashboard..and I said.
"Amik la tu..brg you"
"eh..hehe"<--laughing and playing with the puppet I returned back to him<gampang x gampang>
I geleng kepale and I ckp "why u lied?"
"lie about what"
"you already have a gf kan?"
"no im not"
"abes tu A tu sape??ha..come on la..I saw the picture..what a sweet picture" I tunjuk pic yg die ngn pompuan tu which I snap dr laptop kt umah td. Dia pon amik hp I n tgk..
Me : Haa who is that? 
Him : hmm she was my first crush at school..but she like someone else
Me : why did u lie? what for? you suke sgt ke hurt someone feelings?
Him : No! im not..there's nothing between us..
Me : Then what with the Happy 1 year and 9 months??
Him : that is how long we've been good friends la..she said we should be best friends..and that time I think the same way..so its 1 year and 9 months la for the friendship..
Me : Who said it first?(i tye spe yg suggest to be bestfriend tu)
Him : She is..
Me : geleng kepale I..why did u lie?? why me? so..love her?
Him : No! we just friends..
Me : then tell me what with this pic..kire u bole jumpe die..and that why u avoiding me kan?
Him : no..tak..u x paham..i ask her to upload that so i can divert the attention of you..
Me : whatt??
Him : abg dh suspect.."r u dating a chinese look girl and wear spec?" how you want me suppose to do? now that they recognize you..you know about the story kan..it's dangerous.
I dont want to risk you..i dont want anything happen to you..my dad even ask me again n again..
i said no..we just friends..that's why i go and see her to ask her to divert the attention from you..
i need to lie to my parents and some more Fendy is leaving..i need to takeover the job..so many thing..how am i to pleased everyone..
Me : I told you..2 times already..
Him : yea i know..more..To tell you everything..
Me : yea..why didnt u just tell me..smpai i found out by myself..n now how am i suppose to trust you??
everything is in front of me now..I told u..u can share with me anything..just tell..just a call a text..why is it so hard for you..x sampai seminit pon u nk text or call me kan...
Him : hmm..im so sorry..i don't mean to hurt you, but i dont lie to you..i dont know that she would upload it so fast..i thought i can tell you before she did..damn! i hate facebook..
Me : liar..why dont you just text and tell me?
Him : cause i can't! I dont have phone..die curi..
Me : hp fidi ade..hp fendy ade kan..bole je pinjam kan..
Him : fidi phone rosak..and nie die pakai phone i..
pnjg plak conversations nie..dh malas plak ak nk tulis..n die dh start merapu putar belit cite..
I just geleng kapale..n bia die ckp..I keep on saying die penipu..
and know what he sweet talker mouth said?
"It's ok if you don't trust me but hold on to the fact that I love you.
I think we take a break..and cool this thing down jap. after that we back together"
sbg pompuan mmg kite suke dgr ayat tu kn..but I jz geleng..my instinct said that that is also a lie..

we were talking sejam setgh jugk la..pastu we cool down..I malas nk ckp dh..
die ckp nk jumpe I sbtu ni kt Mid..we'll see how it goes..
my heart said no..don't go..but brain think that all of it is just a lie just take a step and walkaway..
time die dh blah dr kete..I pggl kengkwn I ajak balik..
on the way back..I tell them everything what he said.
They really help me with all the questions I should ask him on this Saturday..
Friends are better than the special ones..definitely!!!!
Men are all the same..

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