07 July, 2011

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Me trap in a world that called My world.
That's me last sunday. Was bored and nothing to do. So I captured that.
Was a good lighting from the sun itself. Hair fall perfectly. (actually I just woke up. haha)
A damn bored laptop in-front of me..
A quite room..Wind through the window.
A guitar at corner end of my room..
And this picture created. :)
Wish could do more like these pictures below..:) Someday~

Here some pictures that make me feel there is a lot more out from my world.
I wish I just could see it all in front of me with my bare naked eyes.
I wish I could just feel the wind, the sun that pass me by;
Taste the air, the fragrance of nature that I breathe.
I wish someday, somewhere, I could do as the pictures does. Aminn~

p/s : love the nature
Hope to change from above pictures to those below here..huhu~

Wish to feel the breeze~

Wish to taste the dew~

Taken away by the wind~

Its me at Langkawi. Wish to have an island by my own.

Look up to the sky and thought of could I reach the end of it? 

Let the sun shine me out from myself...

Wish could just rise up to the top and never sink again..

Dance..move..spin..like u never did it before. <3

Oh best yeeeee... I love the ocean!!

But one thing for sure now..I want to get a diving license!!
Maybe by the end of this year or early next year.
And the first spot I wanna go to dive is Perhentian Island!
It's such a beautiful place! Maybe the next one will be around Thailand.
Heard that Phuket is not bad too.
I'll make sure I have this kind of photo later..:)

One of my friend picture. He work for PADI.
best yer..

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