15 July, 2011

G-shock Master G!!


Introducing an exciting new collaboration between G-Shock, for action sports enthusiasts, and Hawaiian streetwear brand In4mation. Resin band, the lower band is green, the case is yellow and the upper band is red. The dial is golden with yellow LCD.
  • Tide Graph provides tide information for a specific location
  • Moon Data shows Moon Age and Phase for a specific location
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Low Temperature Resistant (-20°C/-4°F)

Damn!! Lawa gile jam nie. 
Limited edition plak tu. huhu nakkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!
kaler cm rasta..damn! minat ye! geram2..
rse cm nk buat koleksi jam g-shock plak bole x? hehe
I'm stoned~

I'm using G-shock GA 110b
yg bwh nie..
so far dh 8 org tegur pasal jam nie. syiok jugk pkai nie. heheh
sblom ni x pnh pkai jam..x minat..tbe2 kwn ajar pkai tros bli yg nie..
jd minat jam plak..abes le aku~ huhuhu

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