13 January, 2011

Something Bout Me

Hye. Well honestly I've opened 2 blogs before but I don't really into this that much. I hope this one will stay updated. I'm practically boring right now, that's why I created this blog. Just for fun and maybe knowing some new friend. So let's talk a lil bit bout me..
U all can call me Amoi, I'm 21 years old and stay at Datuk Keramat but I'm originally from Sg Buloh.
Now studying at Multimedia College in my last semester. Doing practical right now and it's fucking boring that make me caught up with this blog stuff~ haha ;)
I'm really not much a talker myself, so I don't really know what to say about me. So if you wanna know anything about me just post your thought to me at http://formspring.me/am0i. =)

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